Cloud services is a cost-effective solution for businesses to gain exponential growth with better customer experience. Let’s help you

Cloud Services

Cloud services is a cost-effective solution for businesses to gain exponential growth with better customer experience. Azure and AWS are the biggest and most reliable cloud services platforms available. Both AWS and Azure are well-known for their storage services. Azure offers you many services like Disk Storage, Blob Storage and standard archive while AWS offers Glacier, EBS and S3 services.

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Web Development

A website is crucial to building your online presence. Businesses need a fully functional and responsive website to interact with their viewers and customers. Web developers help you create a fully functional website from scratch based on your requirements. Businesses can enable login portals for their customers or they can add eCommerce functionalities to sell their product.

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Big Data

Big data provides an analytical approach to businesses where they gather customer insights from various platforms to analyze customer behavior patterns. This allows companies to find new growth opportunities and they create better business strategies for the future based on their big data analysis. It results in smart business decisions, efficient operations, and satisfied customers.

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BI, Analytics and Data Governance

Companies use Business Intelligence (BI) for a technology-driven approach in order to analyze data and extract information that can be used by companies to make proper business decisions whereas data analytics possess some predictable capabilities. Companies apply the BI Governance approach to achieve big goals by developing a data-driven infrastructure.

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Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation becomes crucial when you have great objectives to achieve. It is one a widely used outsourcing strategy for staffing a project. In staff augmentation, businesses first have to evaluate their current staff to determine their actual need for other skills. The new staff is acquired based on certain criteria set by the businesses. This helps businesses to fill their skill gap.

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Why Should You Partner with Novaqu?

Top-Notch Quality

Each project is handled by a team of experienced developers, thereby involves quality project delivery and strict project evaluations. We ensure that you always get exceptional and supreme quality.

Exceptional Tech Expertise

Our developers are always exploring and learning new skills and techniques, thereby keeping their tech expertise up-to-date.

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Our developers are dedicated to provide you a friendly communication environment, where all your queries, suggestions, and feedbacks are well addressed.


Our services are always transparent and you will be kept fully-aware about the progress of the project, including all macro and minor details.

After Sales Support

Our clients are our pride, and we are dedicated to serve them continuously even after the project completion.