Staff augmentation becomes crucial when you have great objectives to achieve. It is one a widely used outsourcing strategy for staffing a project. In staff augmentation, businesses first have to evaluate their current staff to determine their actual need for other skills. The new staff is acquired based on certain criteria set by the businesses. This helps businesses to fill their skill gap.

Our Experience

Navaqu is a leading staff augmentation services provider in the US. We aim for the best and most reliable staffing services to reach your objectives much effectively. We help you overcome any staffing related problems by using a more sophisticated approach. We fulfill your staff needs based on your specific requirements of skills. We helped businesses to scale in a more efficient way by utilizing staff augmentation. It has also helped businesses to retain control by acquiring the missing skill sets in an affordable manner.

What do we offer?

  • Fixed Markup Model
    We use a fixed markup model in staff augmentation to keep the prices clear and affordable for our clients. We have fixed markup rates for acquiring new staff. Feel free to contact us for learning more about our markup rates.
  • Pre-screened Pool of Candidates
    We choose the best and pre-screened staff to fulfill your all skill requirements. We only pick those candidates who are experienced enough to perform a skilful job for your business.
  • High Retention Rate
    All companies aim for a high retention rate but most of them fail to do so. Our staff augmentation services ensure that you get higher customer retention rates for the growth of your business.
  • 2 Weeks Trial
    We provide a 2 weeks trial to our clients for judging our competency and results. Once a trial period is over then you can use our services for full-time, part-time or hourly hiring.