Introducing Kaki

Launch your next business insight & intelligence solution 10x faster. Kaki solves leading enterprise growth challenges of lack of data visibility, inability to securely access third-party data, business recovery and information management 

Kaki Overview

Kaki solves the leading enterprise growth challenges of lack of data visibility, inability to securely access critical third-party data, business recovery and information management.

Our platform eliminates data silos so you can access virtually all your data in a single, globally available platform. It provides a unified view for overall enterprise data to improve end-to-end visibility – based on your choice of private secured network or on cloud. As a result, you can transform and modernize your organization through intelligent information insights. It allows to securely share information in real-time, make data-driven decisions, and meet compliance and regulatory objectives.

Built from the ground up as one of the most innovative platforms, Kaki’s unique multi-cluster highly secure hack-proof shared data architecture delivers the performance, scale, elasticity, and concurrency that today’s organizations require.

In today's hyper-competitive world, data is the king that powers your business. As data driven applications becomes increasingly vital to the success of your company, the IT development teams are pushed to produce software at ever-speedier levels with ever-increasing standards of quality and usability. Kaki partners with your development team to harness the power of your enterprise data.

Key Features


Kaki Product Solutions


Business Intelligence Maestro – that provides granular information from various applications in a meaningful business view for innovative business intelligence and insights.


Business Inquiry and Investigation Engine – single platform to resolve client inquiries immediately in real-time.


Virtualizer – that clones your application in real-time and in turn provides a replica of any application


Auto Test Cases Generator – that automatically generates n number of cases based on the application and event types chosen. Flexibly built so you can easily choose the data parameters for each specific event for which the test cases are required to be generated.


Stress Tester – empowers you to stress test your applications by sending n number of requests to your applications with a ramp up time setting. The messaging protocol to communicate with your applications can be customized as per your requirements. Accordingly it provides an overview analytics of those stress test in terms of number of requests, their success and failure rates, average runtime and throughput. Each stress tested events requests and response can be viewed in detail section.


Replay and Recover your business applications data based on different parameters and accordingly push that data to the application needing recovery.

Kaki Benefits

Intelligence and insight from your data

Real-time secure access (temper-proof chain) and visualization journey of your data to get enhanced level of intelligence and insight

A single platform that creates data lake - replica of your production data

Unify, integrate, analyze, and share previously siloed data in secure, governed, and compliant ways. Achieve these benefits via a single and seamless data experience that unites multiple applications and their geographic regions.

Business recovery is built in with fail-safe technologies

Replay and access your data from any point of time, automatically tackling the challenges of data corruption, infrastructure failure and application issues.

Create intelligent E2E stubbed environments

Test and demo of custom, SaaS and legacy application - including automatic generation of relevant synthetic data. Thereby leading to savings of enormous amount on costs and time efforts.

Creating businesses built on information intelligence

Make data-driven decisions, deliver modern and integrated data applications for your organization and your customers, and create new revenue streams based on data to help drive your business forward

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